Ski-Go C105 Powder Blue +1...-15°C, 30g

Temperature: +1°...-15°C
Packaging: 0.030 kg
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Eesti - 0-3 tööpäeva
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Puhka Euroopat - 4–8 tööpäeva
Šveits, Norra - 5–14 tööpäeva
USA, Kanada - 5–14 tööpäeva
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C105 - Powder topping for fine, new snow.

Temperatures between +1°C and -15°C.

Ski-Go fluoro powders are widely used and popular with both national teams and the world elite. The long-distance competitors' favourite.

Fluoro powder waxing:

1. Apply SKIGO LF Graphite, then scrape and brush.

2. Apply the HF wax appropriate for the day's snow conditions. Scrape and brush.

3. Sprinkle the day's fluoro powder evenly over the glide zone.

4. Tack down the powder with the waxing iron and then evenly and quickly iron the glide zone moving tip to tail. Use a high temperature so that you don't have to iron back and forth. Moving the iron slowly or back and forth may damage the base.

5. Let the skis rest for about 20 minutes; if possible, longer.

6. Brush immediately before you go out on the trail if possible. Recommended brushes include the Horsehair Brush, the Fine Steel Brush and the Nylon Brush.

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