Vauhti FC Speed Block LDR +5°...-10°C, 20g

Vauhti FC Speed Block LDR developed for all snow types, especially in old and man-made snow from cold to humid conditions.
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Vauhti FC Speed Block LDR developed for:
  • All snow types, especially in old and man-made snow from cold to humid conditions.
  • Excellent block for all kinds of general use, whatever the conditions or distances.
  • Suitable for recreational skiers and juniors as all-purpose block to be used through winter.
  • A good choice to mix with quick glides as a block porridge.

FC Speed blocks are based on the corresponding fluorocarbon powders. FC Speed blocks can be used on top of quick glides, base waxes, fluorinated waxes or fluorocarbon powders. Apply into the base with either an iron or cork.

NB! It is "future fluoro" product (PFOA-free, C6), according to new EU and FIS regulations. Allowed to use during 21/22 season.


  • Clean the ski base thoroughly with Vauhti Clean&Glide cleaning and maintenance agent.
  • Use solid wax or liquid quick glide suitable for the snow type and humidity as the base wax.
  • Scrape and brush the base wax layer carefully, start with roster or brass brush and polish with nylon brush.
  • Apply some product onto the glide surfaces; adhere by roto cork or by natural cork.
  • Let the skis cool down and scrape lightly
  • Start brushing with a few roster brush strokes and brush thoroughly with a nylon brush.
  • When using roto brushes brush thoroughly with roto nylon if required use horsehair roto brush first.
  • If the snow is wet, after nylon brushing, finalise slightly by fine roster brush or horsehair brush (matt surface improves hydrophobicity).
  • In case of longer distances, iron the bottom layer slightly, cool down the skis, scrape carefully, brush the glide surfaces, add another layer, adhere it by cold rubbing, and brush as above.
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