Vauhti RC Speed Cold Liquid Glide -3°...-15°C, 80ml

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Packaging: 80 ml
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Eesti - 0-3 tööpäeva
Soome, Rootsi, Läti, Leedu - 2–4 tööpäeva
Puhka Euroopat - 4–8 tööpäeva
Šveits, Norra - 5–14 tööpäeva
USA, Kanada - 5–14 tööpäeva
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30 päevane tagastamisõigus
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RC Speed Cold Liquid Glide is used for all snow types in cold conditions.

RC SPEED liquid waxes are outcome of long term product development and testing together with best World Cup service teams and laboratory testing at the University of Eastern Finland.

They are based on ingredients from the highest level of liquid glide waxes combined with fluorocarbon top coatings.

All these together give the products high speed racing performance, high hydrophobicity, superb durability in all snow conditions.

On its best when used on skis cleaned with Clean & Glide and base waxed with suitable glide wax.

Ski performance can be further improved by coating RC SPEEDS with suitable top coating.

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