Ski-Go C110 Fluid Green -10...-20°C, 30ml

Temperature: -10°...-20°C
Packaging: 0.03 kg
Packaging: 30 ml
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С110 fluid Green - fluid topping - an excellent choice for all types of snow and at temperatures below -10ºC.

Perfect for both the World Cup and long-distance races.

Ski-Go fluoro suspensions are the easiest top coats to apply. The best solution on old and aggressive snow. Otherwise, use powder.

Properly applied liquids have equivalent durability to ironed powders.

Fluid waxing:

1. Apply a layer of SKIGO LF Graphite. Scrape and brush.

2. Apply the HF wax appropriate for the day's surface conditions. Scrape and brush.

3. Spread fluid over the glide zone. Let it dry for 10 minutes.

4. Cork in the fluid by hand with a natural cork or using a rotocork until the base is lukewarm.

5. Let the skis rest for about 20 minutes.

6. You can now brush the base. Recommended brushes include the Horsehair Brush, the Fine Steel Brush and the Nylon Brush. Fluid is hard, so we recommend that you brush a lot.

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