Start BM Fluoro Grip wax Green +2...-30°C, 45g

Temperature: +2...-30°C
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USA, Kanada - 10-15 tööpäeva
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Black Magic Molybdenum kick waxes are used as finishing and blending waxes, suitable for wearing and variable snow conditions:

Black Magic Molybdenum Fluor Green kick wax is used when air humidity > 75%.

Grip Waxing with Black Magic:

Applying Black Magic as a finishing layer:

Weather: Changing snow conditions

1. Choose a base wax according to the weather and apply according to the instructions.

2. Apply 2 to 5 layers of grip wax appropriate for the day’s conditions.

3. Allow the skis to cool outside and pat one very thin layer of Black Magic grip wax appropriate for the conditions. Note! Rubbing the wax on in the traditional manner may result in adding a layer too thick.

4. Carefully smooth the surface so Black Magic grip wax forms a thin discrete layer on top of the grip waxes. Note! Do not rub so vigorously that the Black Magic mixes with the layers underneath, as this will reduce its effectiveness.

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