Start FHF60 Fluoro Grip wax Red -1...-5°C, 45g

Temperature: -1...-5°C
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Eesti - 0-3 tööpäeva
Soome, Rootsi, Läti, Leedu - 2–4 tööpäeva
Puhka Euroopat - 4–7 tööpäeva
Šveits, Norra - 7-10 tööpäeva
USA, Kanada - 10-15 tööpäeva
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New Start FHF line is a functional fluorinated kick wax line. Suitable for use as kick wax alone, or as a finishing wax applied on top of kick wax.

Grip Waxing:

1. Make sure that the grip zone has been properly prepared and cleaned.

2. Choose a base wax according to the weather and apply according to the instructions.

3. Rub a layer of grip wax appropriate for the conditions and smooth it out with a cork. Take outside the waxed skis and the grip wax you are going to use to cool down.

4. Rub outside as many thin layers of grip wax as needed. Smooth each layer with a cork.

Basic number of layers is 3, along with you can ski approximately 10 kilometres. Every extra layer increases 10 kilometres more ability to ski.

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