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Vauhti Foxgel WET +10°...-2°C, 35g

FOXGEL Wet +10...-2. Recommended operating range from wet conditions down to -2°C. Foxgel Wet improves the water resistance in waxing, and slows down the dirt absorption into the outer wax layers. The gel is suitable for coating fluor powders and compounds, as well as paraffin and fluor paraffin waxes. When the product is used on top of a fluor powder or nappi, do not cold rub. FoxGel Wet is also excellent for coating mild winter temperature grip waxes and klisters in difficult new snow conditions. The emulsion forms a thin, flexible, water and dirt resistant film on the surface of a grip wax or klister. It does not reduce the grip properties, but improves the glide significantly in wet conditions with "suction". Because the gel also decreases the risk of icing on the grip wax, it works extremely well on conditions, where the snow on the ski track varies between dry and wet. We recommend FoxGel Wet coating on grip waxing when red or softer grip waxes are used. On coarse snow conditions, FoxGel coating on grip wax has not shown noticeable advantage.
Temperature: +10°...-2°C
Packaging: 0.035 kg
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