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Vauhti GF369 Fluoro Grip wax PIKAPITO PLUS +10°...-1°C, 60ml

GF369 Grip Wax, Pikapito + 10°…-1°C /50°…30°F Vauhti Pikapito waxes are universal liquid grip waxes. Pikapito + works best when the snow temperature is -1°C or warmer. PikaPito liquid grip waxes work in all snow conditions. Durability is good. You can expect to ski ca. 15-50 km depending on the ski base and the abrasiveness of the snow.
Temperature: +10°...-1°C
Packaging: 0.09 kg
Packaging: 60 ml
Unit: tk
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Eesti - 0-3 tööpäeva
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Ülejäänud Euroopa - 4–7 tööpäeva
Šveits, Norra - 7-10 tööpäeva
USA, Kanada - 10-15 tööpäeva
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How to apply Vauhti Pikapito liquid grip waxes:
For the best result apply Speed Gel inside onto the dry ski base at room temperature. It is safe to wax with Vauhti Speed Gels inside. Special air ventilation or masks are not needed.

1. Remove all old grip wax or klister from the grip section of the ski base. First use the Vauhti acrylic scraper and then finish with Vauhti Wax Remover (do not touch the gliding surfaces!). You may apply the Pikapito grip also on top of the old, hard grip waxes but if you remove all the old grip wax first, the skis will glide better. 

2. Place the skis base up. Shake the bottle for a few seconds. Press the bottle’s sponge applicator lightly against the ski base and squeeze the bottle a little at the same time. This opens the valve inside the applicator and the wax flows into the sponge. Apply an even layer onto the grip section. (Grip section = ca. 70 cm from the heel of your ski boot to the tip of the ski). 

3. Let the wax dry for 5-10 minutes when waxing inside. When you wax outside, let the wax dry ca.10 minutes. Make sure that the wax has dried completely before you start skiing. When it feels rubbery, slightly sticky but solid, the skis are ready for skiing. Note: You don’t need to smooth out Pikapito grip waxes with a cork. Pikapito grip waxes work well also as a base binder for wet condition klisters. In cold, new snow conditions, if there is too much grip or you want faster skis, apply a thin layer of regular or fluor hard wax on top. If needed, you can increase the grip by thickening the grip wax layer or by lengthening the grip section towards the
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