Vauhti Grip Powder +5°...-20°C, 20g

GRIP POWDER +5° ... -20°C A high content fluor powder, which contains extremely fine graphite powder, for coating grip waxes. Suitable for all conditions. If applied correctly, the powder improves the grip wax glide properties without reducing the grip and in some cases it can even improve the grip. The use of Grip Powder does not reduce the durability of grip waxes. The benefits of the Grip Powder are best seen in classical sprint skiing, where it effectively improves the glide performance especially under high tempo double polling, where there is substantial up and down movement. Grip powder can be used to "fine-tune" skis that are over gripping. It can also reduce and in some cases completely eliminate unwanted "excess grip” in klister waxed skis. Application: Spread a thin, even layer of Grip Powder on top of the ready grip wax, either on both ends of the grip zone or along the full length. On room temperature skis, adhere the powder to the wax with a few light strokes on a synthetic cork. Apply the powder coating to the klister only after the skis have cooled off outside. Sprinkle the powder, and rub it in lightly with the palm of your hand or a cork. When the grip waxing is cold, use more pressure to ensure the powder adheres to the wax. You can also apply the Grip Powder after an initial test run on hard or klister waxed skis. Just clean and dry the grip zone, and apply the powder as above.
Temperature: +5°...-20°C
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