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Vauhti HFC1 Anti-Icing Liquid +1°...-2°C, 50g

hfC1 Anti-Icing +1 ° ... -2°C A 100% fluorocarbon product, very effective in reducing grip zone icing on classic zero race skis. Excellent top coat for klisters and soft grip waxes on wet and zero conditions. Also suitable for junior skiers’ as a glide wax for wet and zero conditions.
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USA, Kanada - 10-15 tööpäeva
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Before applying, ensure the grip zone, including the porous surface underneath, is completely dry. The product is 100% water insoluble. If applied on a moist ski base, it will remain on the water film and does not adhere sufficiently into grip zone material. When applied and set on a dry ski base, its anti-icing qualities are long-lasting.

Spray an even layer of Anti Ice, from a 10cm distance, to the grip zone. If necessary, even out with a finger or a small piece of cloth. The product will surface dry quickly, but leave it to dry for about 5 minutes so that it penetrates deeper, dries and adheres completely.

The grip zone can be treated up to a day before the race without risking the reduction in the performance of the product. A long drying time ensures a thorough adherence to the base. On Grip Wax: Spray an even layer over the grip wax, and smooth gently with your finger. Let it dry at least 3-4 minutes, and the skis are ready to use. The product does not reduce grip properties. It enhances waxing performance, and reduces icing and dirt accumulation.

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